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Ellipse laser hair removal (IPL), treating unwanted body hair is simple and long lasting. The procedure is designed to treat the full range of problematic hair conditions, from eliminating the inconvenience of waxing and shaving, to reducing considerably your excess hair. Using Ellipse technology, a beam of light is focused on the hair follicle beneath the skin’s surface to disable it quickly and safely, and stop the hair from growing. The treatment won’t damage surrounding skin, and even suitable for those with sensitive skin. Please note patch test is needed prior to treatment.

How Hair Removal Works with Intense Pulsed Light

The treatment works by targeting the melanin (pigment) in the hair with the light from the system, and upon absorption the light is converted into heat. This intense heat action breaks down the hair follicle, reducing the opportunity for any re-growth and also changing the entire structure of the follicle itself; overtime altering the density and appearance of the hair until it becomes unnoticeable.
Prior to treatment the area is shaved before a thin layer of protective gel (similar to that used in ultra sound) is applied to maximise absorption. Finally the Ellipse SPT+ is run over the area and a succession of light pulses is filtered into the hair follicle. The unique square head technology used in Ellipse treatments offer precision and accuracy that ensures that any risk of side effects is minimal. Any potentially harmful wave lengths are removed via the Unique Dual Filtering system, meaning that the light used is completely safe and visible.

Number of Hair Removal Treatments
Hair follows a specific growth cycle with three distinct phases: anagen, catagen and telogen phases. Each phase has specific characteristics that determine the length of the hair. The colour of your hair is determined by melanocytes (pigment producing cells) found in the hair bulb, approximately 4mm beneath the surface of the skin. The Ellipse Permanent Hair Reduction like any other IPL/Laser technology can only successfully treat hair during the Anagen growing Phase. Therefore it is often necessary to undergo a course of 6-8 treatments ensuring that you leave at least 4-8 weeks between each session initially, and then only repeat as and when the hair returns.

Preparing for Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) Hair Removal
To ensure that as many hair follicles are targeted as possible it is also important not to undergo any hair removal for at least four weeks before the appointment or during the course of treatment. The same rule applies to any sun treatments, as a tan will raise the pigment level in the skin and have a severe effect on success of the treatment.
Skin type is a fundamental factor in this treatment as due to the high level of pigment in the skin, darker skin tones often experience more pain during treatment, though generally it has been compared to the sensation of a rubber band pinging on your skin.

Treating All Skin and Hair Types
We can offer treatment for most skin types and hair types and with there is little post-treatment care required. Some people with sensitive skin may benefit from using a soothing gel or Aloe Vera for a few hours following treatment please call us if you have any questions.

How many treatments will I need?
There are a number of factors that can affect the success of a series of hair removal treatments, but generally, after each treatment, you’ll see a noticeable, permanent reduction in the number of hairs that re-grow in the treatment area. Typically, it will require a minimum of six treatments to significantly reduce the number of re-growing hairs, your therapist will advise you after you have your free consultation and patch test.

When can I start the treatment?
You need to book in for a patch test/consultation with our highly qualified & experienced laser technicians. They will assess the area and talk you through the procedure. You will then be recommended a tailor-made package that will offer you the best results for your needs. You can start the treatment as 7days after the patch test.

How do I remove the hair in between treatments?
Throughout the course of your treatment the hair growth will start to reduce. Once you have had a treatment the hairs will be pushed up to the surface of the skin and some will start to fall out. If you need to remove any hair that appears you can shave but must NOT remove the hair from the follicle (i.e. plucking, waxing or threading).

Will my hair ever grow back?
The short answer is no. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it cannot grow new hair. However, there are invariably a few hair follicles that manage to partially escape the laser during each treatment. Some of these follicles may be only stunned and will need to be retreated.