Lash Rehab London

Lash Rehab eyelash extensions was born with the success of the salon Beauty Rehab London.

Brand building and the growing interested into the lashes that are often posted across our social media page.
A line created by the salon’s owner handcrafted and picked from her experience in the industry and knowledge of the trade which have been popular with the Celebs..
From natural to a full set of thick, luscious, curly long lashes that retain their curl.
These lashes are light in weight, to ensure your natural lash is completely protected and to give a natural look and feel that retain their curl.

Full Set £80.00
3/4 Set £65.00
Half Set £50.00
Maintenance £45.00
Soak Off £15.00


Russian Rehab Volume Lashes

Full Set £95.00
3/4 Set £75.00
Maintenance £45.00
Soak Off £15.00

Hybrid Lashes

Full Set £85.00
Infill £45.00


Lashes can be applied in several ways to fit the look you’re after.

The Classic lash extensions uses one extension to one natural lash. This is the 1:1 classic technique.

But if you’re after more volume and thickness, Russian Volume Lashes are an amazing new way to add more flutter to your lashes, without dangerously weighing down your lashes, and it still looks natural but softer and feathery than the Classic Lash Extensions.

Using a new technique of “fanning” lashes, this volume lash creates a stunning thicker more voluminous lash to your peepers.

The technique incorporates two or more lashes in one fan, which is then placed onto one natural lash. The lashes are very delicate, light and thin and this technique does follow the classic 1:1 lash method. Please see my portfolio for more volume lash pictures

The picture above illustrates the difference between a volume and a classic lash.


  • AVOID getting lashes wet as extensions and glue need to set
  • AVOID hot steam from the shower and sauna
  • AVOID touching, or brushing the lashes
  • AVOID using eye make-up



  • AVOID the use of oil based make-up removers, cleansers or creams. (The oil in these products will loosen the bonding adhesive) Use plain water or water-based cleansers, make-up removers or creams. Using a cotton bud will help to gently remove any eye make-up
  • Be GENTLE. AVOID picking, rubbing, touching your eyes excessively
  • REFRAIN from using heated curlers, lash perms, tinting lashes or normal mascaras
  • AVOID rubbing your eyes, sleeping on the lashes, or facing the shower head when in the shower
  • DO NOT attempt to remove the extensions. Removal should be done by a qualified lash technician. DO NOT pull on loose lashes as this may cause lash loss and may cause damage to your natural lash.
  • WASHING the lashes is essential in keeping your own natural lashes and eyelids in good condition.
  • BRUSH your lashes with the brush provided by the Lash Extension Artist. It is not necessary to brush them every day only as and when needed to prolong the lash extensions.



    • Leave the lashes alone – the more you tamper with them, the more the bond will weaken and may fall off

SCHEDULE AN INFILL – every 2-3 weeks. Within a few weeks you will notice a slight loss in lashes. This is the natural part of the lash cycle. Touch ups/ infills are highly recommended if you would like to maintain a full, lush lash line. Deposits required to confirm ALL lash appointments. 48 Cancellation Required or deposit is lost. If 48 hours notice is given. Deposit goes onto an account as credit as a goodwill gesture.


Eyelash extensions

Lash perfect Eyelash extensions are individual lashes carefully applied onto your eyelashes to offer a greater looking longer eyelash. The semi permanent eyelash extensions treatment last 8-12 weeks with regular maintenance proving thickness and length to natural lashes.

Lash Perfect lashes are available in different weights to ensure your natural lash is completely protected and to give a natural look and feel.

Full Set £80.00
3/4 Set £60.00
Half Set £50.00
Maintenance £45.00
Soak Off £20.00

Professional Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are the fastest growing NEW service in the UK Beauty Industry. Lash Extensions provide thickness and length to natural eyelashes thus enhancing the charm and appeal of your eyes.

Lash Perfect Options:

  • Natural Wear – Lash perfect lashes are perfect for daily wear or for an active lifestyle. You can shower, swim, spa and sleep problem free because eyelash extensions are waterproof and durable. You can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24 hours a day and for weeks at a time without hassle, inconvenience or the need for mascara.
  • Natural Look – These luscious lashes are so natural that no one will ever know the difference. They have a natural curl so you can throw away your eyelash curler. Lash Perfect lashes come in various thicknesses, colours and lengths and curvatures to beautifully blend with your own lashes
  • Natural Feel – When professionally and properly applied, these lightweight lashes feel just like your own.
  • Semi Permanent – Lash Perfect lash extensions are semi-permanent lasting upto 8 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes. Regular maintenance will increase the time you can keep your lashes. Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual lashes eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.