Why do calluses appear?
Pressure applied to the feet over time causes the skin to harden and calluses to appear.
What is the purpose of the Callus Peel Treatment?
Callus Peel is a fast and efficient way of removing hard, cracked or dry skin from feet, it is fantastic for neglected feet.
What will happen during my treatment?
A patch is applied to the areas of your feet to be treated and wrapped up in clingfilm for the peel to take effect. After 15-20 minutes, your feet are unwrapped and I will peel at the hard skin with a specially designed tool. Feet are then filed to remove excess hard skin, followed by a layer of moisturizing cream to keep them soft.
How long does it take?
To treat both feet, it only takes 30-40 minutes – 15-20 minutes for the patches to soften the skin and 15 minutes for the rest of the treatment. If additional pads are being used the treatment time may be longer.
How often should I have a treatment?
Every 2-3 weeks is recommended, although you will be able to see and feel amazing results after the first treatment.
Is it safe?
Yes, Callus Peel uses cosmetic ingredients only.
Is it hygienic?
Yes, the Callus Peel Skin Softener (sachets) are individually packaged. The scraper is sterilized and the foot file has disposable pads.
What are the main ingredients?
Aqua, Glycerin, Nonoxynol-12, Carbomer, Ethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Tataric Acid, Lactic Acid, Pyroglutamic Acid, Ethoxy Diglycol. Don’t be alarmed by these as we use AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) on our face!
Does the treatment hurt?
No, it doesn’t hurt at all, it is a relaxing treatment. It would only hurt if you have a cut on your skin.